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      My father often works very harD.And he has 1 to see a film. Here I’ll tell you 2 about him.

      One afternoon, when he finished his work and 3 go home, he found a film ticket under the 4 on his desk. He thought he 5 to have not much work to do that day and 6 was quite wonderful to pass the 7 at the cinemA.So he came back home and 8 finished his supper. Then he said 9 to us and left.

      But to our 10 , he came back about half an hour later, I 11 him what was the matter. He smiled and told us about 12 funny thing that had happened at the cinema.

      When my father was sitting in his seat, a 13 came to my father’s and said that the seat was 14 . My father was surpriseD.He took out the ticket 15 looked at it carefully. It was Row17, 16 . And then he looked at the seat. It was the same. So he asked her 17 her ticket. She took out the ticket at once and the seat shown in it was Row 17, Seat 3.

      18 ? What’s the matter with all this? While they were wondering suddenly the woman said, “The 19 of the tickets are different.” So they looked at the ticket more carefully. After a while, my father said, “Oh, 20 , I made a mistake. My ticket is for the film a month ago. Take this seat, please.” With these words, he left the cinema.

      1. A.little money B.much money C.little time D.much time

      2. A.a funny story B.a good story C.an old story D.a strange story

      3. A.was to B.was about to C.had to D.ought

      4. A.box B.book C.glass D.paper

      5. A.happened B.liked C.pretended D.wanted

      6. A.it B.this C.that D.which

      7. A.morning B.afternoon C.day D.evening

      8. A.early B.quietly C.quickly D.suddenly

      9. A.hello B.good-bye C.good evening D.good night

      10.A.disappointment B.joy C.sorrow D.surprise

      11.A.asked B.explained C.told D.wanted

      12.A.a B.one C.some D.the

      13.A.man B.woman C.doctor D.nurse

      14.A.hers B.his C.taken D.wrong

      15.A.and B.but C.or D.so

      16.A.Seat1 B.Seat2 C.Seat3 D.Seat4

      17.A.it bring B.to get C.to see D.to show

      18.A.Why B.How C.When D.where

      19.A.designs B.colors C.prices D.owners

      20.A.I’m sad B.I’m sorry C.I’m wrong D.I’m worried


      1―5 CABCA

      6―10 ADCBD

      11―15 ADBAA

      16―20 CDABB


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